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We believe that there is no better way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday than to connect people together. We believe that because being Canadian means being welcoming, spreading the joy around, and bringing cheer to every heart around us.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday we set out to create 3D-printed cake using the 3D printing pens. The cake will encompass Canadian symbols and Canadian spirit. The symbols will be created using the 3D pen, which draw with plastic. The cake will be created between May 15th and July 1st by the community organizations, and will be featured in the Canada Day parade at Milne Park, Markham. The cake will feature 150 candles that will be carried by the community champions through the Markham parade.

You are invited to join us and other community organizations to be a part of this special project. We estimate that it would take about 900 hours to create the 12ft diameter, 4 layers and 8ft tall cake. To help us create it on time we would like to ask you to spread the word in your community and network and bring more people together for action as a symbol of unity among all members of our diverse community as we celebrate our collective pride of being Canadians.

Participation in this project requires minimum of 12 participants and the fee is “pay what you can”-based  and all proceeds will be going to support healing art program for people in transition periods.

For individuals, please register through form below and we will contact you with more information about the location and time for public workshops.

You will be contacted within 24 hours after the submission of the form.

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Please be advised that workshop duration is 2 hours.

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