Doodley art in school

Posted Wednesday March 01, 2017 by NewStep4U

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  • Theatre design with 3d pen
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3D Pen Art in Schools

Doodley Art in Schools is a project demonstrates how new and emerging technologies such as the 3D Pen can enhance, shape and influence an educational setting in a variety of ways; as well as encourage students to take on new challenges. We offer hundreds of fun, inspiring and educational doodling classes for kids. We have subjects to support what you’re already teaching in the classroom, and we have classes that will simply stretch the imagination.


We would like to THANK YOU our general sponsor 3D Magic Wand for supporting our program.

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Art can be used in various disciplines:
– Technology & Engineering

– Sciences

– Biology

– History

– Art & Design

“Some people learn
better when they see
why things work the
way they do.”

Doodley Art in School drive classroom engagement, enhance visual and tactile learning, and bridge the gender gap with modern and innovative tool such as 3D Pens.

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