FAQ about the Donate, Knit, Give Warmth Project

To give you better understanding about the project, please read the FAQ that we received from other participants.

What kind of textiles may be used to create the blanket?

Any warm textiles can be used to create the blankets, the best options are old fleece blankets, scarfs, sweaters or any other stretchy fabrics. Textiles must be clean but not necessary in good conditions.

What is a minimum amount of textiles requires to start the Knit?

To achieve good results our suggestion is, to have ready this amount of textiles;

Blanket for homeless – 22-25 fleece blankets

Sleeping bag – 20-25

Rug for pets – 10-12

Is it mandatory to participate in all 3 Steps of the project?

It is highly recommended but not mandatory.

Do the organizations have to book in advance the date when to bring the machine?

Yes. Do to high need and limited quantity of the tools, please give us a call or email to inquiry the availability.

Will participants earn any volunteer hours?

Each participant eligible for earning volunteer hours according to time spent in the project.

How long the project will last?

The project will continue run during the winter and will return in fall of next year.

Is there is a fee associated with the participation?

Yes. The fee is $250, which covers our bring-in, take-out transportation of the Giant knitting tool and instructors compensation expenses. New Step 4 U is a non-profit organization, all our activities would not be real without your contribution.

Please find below two flyers that you can use to promote this important project