Support Birthday Cake Run

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Birthday Hopes is proud to promote our sponsors in every possible way

Sign up as an individual, or get together with a group of friends or colleagues as a team.

Minimum of $25 registration fee per runer/walker.

Only with your generous support we can give children in need a reason to celebrate. Here is what your fundraising efforts will support:

$25 = goody bags for an on-site party
$50 = birthday gifts for one child on their birthday
$100 = one birthday-in-a-box birthday party
$250 = training and screening for 20 birthday party volunteers
$500 = one joy-filled birthday party for 25 children
$1,000 = 50 personalized birthday cakes
$2,500 = birthday gifts for 60 birthday children
$5,000 = 10 birthday parties for children in difficult situation