Creative Arts in School

Creative Arts Workshops for Your Inclusive Students

Expressive art in school


We are excited to welcome you to our Expressive Art in School program at New Step we believe that art connects people and by bringing art as an expressive tool into school, we teach children how to deal with and understand their own emotions at an early age. This will strengthen their mental health and increase their ability to handle stress as young adults. When they become more understanding and accepting of themselves, they are also more empathic towards others, creating a harmonious society.

Our workshops remind children that art is an experience, enjoying the process is just as important as the end result.

We guide students to recognize, nurture, accept and release their emotions, maintaining mental health allows them to find joy in being themselves fully. Children learn to use art as a tool to connect with their higher/inner self and foster emotional maturity

Artists in School is a great program to share resources with all schools across GTA. We are arranging to bring more new high tech art mediums such as virtual reality, digital fine art, video movie making and augmented reality into the school so more children can experience the benefits of this valuable equipment.


Spring 2020 Program Catalogue