Birthday Cake a Canada150+ Markham Community Art Project

Birthday Cake a Canada150+ Markham Community Art Project - May 15, 2017

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Every good birthday party needs a special cake. New Step 4 U non-profit organization and Markham Association of Community Champions would like to invite you to lend a hand in a community Art project for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday we set out to create 3D-printed cake using 3D printing pens. The cake will encompass Canadian symbols and the Canadian spirit. The symbols will be created using the 3D pens, which draw with plastic. The cake will be created between May 15th and July 1st by 30 community organizations, by 600 community members and will be featured in the Canada Day parade at Milne Park, Markham which will draw over 25,000 attendees. The cake will feature 150 candles that will be carried by 150 community champions through the Markham parade. It promises to be a groundbreaking event in many ways.

You are invited to join us and other community organizations in creating this 12ft in diameter, 4 layers and 8ft tall cake. Please register through Facebook or Eventbrite.

Participation in the creation of the cake project requires a minimum of 12 participants, the participants will be building the cake pieces using the 3Dpens.

Nominate your group from May 15th – June 28th

Various locations. Check our Facebook Page for upcoming sessions schedule.

Good Mood, Creativity, Imagination

The participant’s fee is “pay what you can” based, and all proceeds will be going to support one of New Step For U’s programs that support people going through periods of transition through art.


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