Ice, Hope, Unity

Ice, Hope, Unity - Feb 09, 2019

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Celebrate winter in the heart of the City at Markham Civic Centre. Being inspired by the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, known around the world for its stunning display of breathtaking ice sculptures, The city of Markham, in co-ordination with the city of Harbin, is putting on its inaugural Markham Ice and Snow Festival, a 10-day extravaganza that kicks off February 9th and features large ice sculptures for the entire family to enjoy.


On February 9th

from 3pm – 6pm

Come join us and create your own mini ice-like sculptures
with innovative art tool – 3D Printing Pen.





We will also be displaying a part of our own project, the Trail of Hope, that strives to inspire our community of immigrants and newcomers to share their stories, hopes and dreams, and happy memories through the lens of art. This project is possible in part due to the generous contribution of the City of Markham through the “Celebrate Markham Fund”, and aims to unite more than 1200 participants and their stories through art. There will be a small gallery of the works created so far that will be displayed beside the workshops. Each creation from the Trail of Hope is accompanied by the written story of the participant and an artist’s rendition of it.

New Step for You was founded on the ideology that art brings people together, that it heals, unifies, makes us stronger. New Step for You strives to connect people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities with our home town Markham community through the universal language of arts.


Some of the testimonials about The Trail of Hope project:


The aim of this activity is to encourage people who are struggling in adversity. I have never participated in such activities before so I was very excited. In this activity, I wrote a story about myself which tells how I overcame the biggest adversity in my life. Besides, I mad an artwork which was based on my story. It is very meaningful that I can use my experience to encourage others and help them get into a better life. Also, I realized it is so lucky for me to be a person who is happy every day and who has many people care and love. I hope what I did in this activity can help someone to create a bigger future.



My Impression about the “Trial of Hope”. I have experienced this activity 3 weeks ago, it has been a while, but I can still remember all those details about the activity.

It is a meaningful activity, I can express myself and tell others my story, and my story may help others to get through some difficult situation which means a lot to me. We have to craft something which has our feeling and stories on it. It can carry our memories to inspire others and may give them hopes.



The volunteering activity was intriguing, which gave us some space to express our thoughts. I enjoyed the whole process of creating. It provided us an opportunity to use 3D pen and also Ms. Marina, the tutor, taught us well and patiently about what to write and how to draw. Furthermore, Ms. Marina told us about what the whole project id and I feel so proud to be part of it. It was such an unforgettable experience.



The volunteering activity was so interesting. I really enjoyed it. We wrote and drew pictures about some stories. It was my first time I used the 3D pen. This experience improved my ability of creativity. Ms. Marina guided us through the entire session on how to use the 3D pens, she was so patient and helpful.



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