OnBeat with 3D Pens – 3D art for Beginners

OnBeat with 3D Pens – 3D art for Beginners - Sep 26, 2018

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Try your hand at the creating a 3D Piece of Art using a 3D Printing Pen.

Learn the art and science of 3D Printing and turn your ideas into miniature musical instruments or art.

New Step 4 U and Markham Arts Council collaborated to bring innovative art tools 3D Printing Pens to the public to fulfill the organization’s mandate of fostering and nurturing creativity, building a healthier and stronger community, and empowering individuals through expressive and innovative programs.

About Markham Arts Council

The mission of the Markham Arts Council is to serve and enhance our community’s well being by providing arts and cultural education and awareness while…

3D pens are pens that extrude plastic filament instead of regular ink. With 3D pens, you can make three-dimensional objects simply by drawing them. In this series of five 2 hour workshops, participants will be guided step by step by a professional artist to craft their own sculptures using 3D printing pens.

5 Sessions include:

Day 1. Introduction to 3D printing Pen Art History and Future. 2D (flat) art

Day 2. From 2D to 3D

Day 3. 3D pen art techniques

Day 4. From Template to Freehand

Day 5. Musical Instruments, Jewelry, Architecture, Fashion, Games, Decor, Gifts – make your own


$30 participation fee per session covers only material costs. A minimum registration of 5 Sessions.

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