Paint with Emotions

discover painting as a powerful tool for transformation...

Experience the freedom of expressing yourself creatively without the limitations and judgments of the mind – connecting deeply with your inner, creative potential and allowing this to flow freely and uninhibited. This is Paint with Emotions – a one-day experience of immersing yourself in this natural state of creativity and discovering painting as a powerful transformational tool.

  • Experience being guided to connect with your inner world, your feelings and your soul using meditation and other tools;
  • Experience painting from this space of inner connection without any mental preconceptions… just allowing the process to unfold;
  • Discover how painting in this way can be a powerful means of accessing and releasing old energies that hold you back in life and separate you from your highest truth;
  • Discover that everyone can paint in this way;
  • Discover that this method can be applied to any form of creativity;
  • Produce as many paintings as you wish using acrylic paints on canvas.

Open for public classes currently take place at St Andrew’s United Church in Markham.

To discuss the program taking part in your school or organization and make a booking please contact us: