Our Team

Marina Mais

Executive Director | Founder

Marina Mais has always been enthusiastic about fostering a sense of positivity in others. She has found the opportunity to inspire happiness and optimism in every generation through New Step for You. Marina comes from a background in education. She has taught many young children the joy of expression through dance,...

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Shanta Sundarason

President | BOD

Shanta Sundarason runs The Giving Tree Unionville and mentors 30 kids to empower them to become positive change makers. She hosts community events that establish greater inclusivity and understanding amongst our neighbors and is a huge human rights activist. Awarded the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers 2017 in recognition of her...

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Chris Coffin

Treasurer | BOD

Chris Coffin is an engaging business person with experience consulting to and working within, multi-national corporations and growing entrepreneurial ventures. An expert in B2B services, he is a proponent of strategic illustration and graphic facilitation – visual art tools that help improve communication and planning for businesses of all sizes....

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May Chan

Creative Art Director

May has always loved all kinds of Arts and Crafts, and enjoys using different materials and techniques to produce unique artworks. After completing the Jewellery Essentials Program at George Brown, she continued to design and create products for her online shop and started teaching children crafts as a volunteer. Her...

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Ann Mais

Visual Arts Manager

While Ann’s profession is in the entertainment industry, her skills as a costume designer rarely help her with planning birthday parties. Her passion for creating happiness is what brought her to us. She is excited to be able to help people of all ages find a little spark of something...

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Matthew McMillan

Drama Program Manager

Matthew McMillan is a recent graduate of Humber’s acting conservatory and is passionate about the opportunity of enabling and empowering the voices of those who are often ignored in today’s society through his passion for the arts. He believes that art should reflect the society that we live in today...

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Ayana Spivak

Dance Program Manager

Ayana is a psychotherapist and group facilitator with over 15 years of experience in developing, organizing, and leading dance and expressive arts interventions with a great care of clients’ mental outlooks and physical well-being. She brings joy and excitement to her classes with seniors, children, and adults with special needs. As...

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Vato Mais

Technical Director

Vato’s unique perspective on life has helped him shape the views of our organization. His analytical and young mind brings a breath of fresh air into the room. The idea of helping others overcome difficulties is what brought him to our organization. He is now as integrated with us, as...

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