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New Step for You seeks to empower individuals – those living with social, cognitive, physical, and/or emotional needs – through Expressive Art programs to enhance health and well – being



Virtual Reality for Seniors

We’re bringing together art and technology for good in our new Virtual Reality for Seniors program funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors fund.

The new program offers golden age participants, especially those living with cognitive degeneration, 360-degree experience of creating interactive art, visiting their place of birth, favourite tourist areas, museums or experiencing activities that they are not capable to physically participate in, such as hiking in nature, diving in the ocean or work in the store.


Trail of Hope Community Art

Trail of Hope is a community-led art project that allows regular people from different cultures and backgrounds to collaborate to create artwork that reflects their uniqueness. The project enables participants to overcome social exclusion, connect with persons from different backgrounds, strengthen and form new social connections and battle social isolation, thereby improving their mental and emotional quality of living, increasing self-confidence and inculcating a sense of belonging. The final art display is multi-disciplinary in nature, encompassing 3D pen art, creative writing and illustrations.


3D Printing Pen Art for Wellbeing

Working with a range of organizations, community groups and partners, we bring 3D Printing Pens as a unique tool for getting your ideas to become a reality to reduce stress and enhance self-confidence.

Drawing with 3D Pens and music can take your mind off of what’s stressing you. It’s challenging to keep ruminating on your problems when you’re focused on creating, and if your issues stay with you, you can incorporate them into your creations. Don’t worry if you haven’t tried anything like this before, everything is explained, and all levels are welcome.

3d pen guest


We are very grateful and excited to announce that BoucharDanse will be donating 10% of their Indiegogo campaign towards our creative arts program. This campaign is to support the creation and production of ‘très loin’, a visual and kinaesthetic installation project that explores themes of resilience and recovery from trauma.
Through art, we can explore our emotions, allowing us to understand and connect on a much deeper level.


New Step For You, in partnership with Varley Art Gallery, hosted a 3D Art for Equality Festival, a two-day free event held in the Varley Art Gallery on the 6th & the 8th of March wherein participants of all ages welcomed to create 3D artworks, take gallery tours and connect with people from the art world. Toasting and celebrating Women’s Day through the arts, this festival was an amalgamation of creativity, togetherness, inspiration and connectivity.


What we Do?

We design and deliver community arts programs to meet the needs, demands and aspirations of the residents of York Region and GTA. We have diverse and comprehensive programs in the classic art types, as well as unique art mediums such as 3D printing pens, Trash to Treasure reuse recycled materials, Play with Puppet, etc.
New Step 4 U plays an increasingly important role in the strategic development of the community arts within GTA.

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“Dance puts you into another world; a cloudy heavenly world where you are floating. Where you’re forgetting the past, present and future, and just enjoying the the moment.”

-Ken Faber

Inclusive Dance  participant

…”Albert Widjaja came to a public session with his family for the second time this week. He loved 3D printing so much he took time off work to take part.

“It clears your mind. You can be creative,” he said. He was working on an image of a girl tapping a tree for maple syrup.”…



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